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Sara Kirkham

Sara Kirkham, PhD

Biocides Expert

Prior to the formation of Arrow Regulatory Limited, Sara had over 20 years of Regulatory experience in both biocides and industrial chemical registration. Having joined Safepharm Laboratories in 1998 she worked on new chemical substance registrations under NONS. With the advent of the Biocidal Products Directive (BPD) in 2000, she helped establish the Biocides and Existing Substances Registration team, eventually taking over management of the group in 2001 to lead it through the Biocide Existing Active Substances Review Programme. The group eventually submitted over 25 active substance dossiers spanning most of the major Product Types listed in BPD. The experience gained from the BPD was put to effective use with the implementation of REACH.


In 2011 Sara joined a large independent consultancy and continued building experience in product authorisation, and worldwide regulation of biocidal products.


Sara continues to work with companies supporting active substances in the Review Programme and advising on product authorisation, plus her work as technical advisor to a number of international consortia. Sara has considerable experience in the development of regulatory strategies for biocides and REACH, designing testing programmes and providing tailored regulatory advice, in addition to the preparation of dossiers and risk assessments. Her expertise has been recognised in her involvement on behalf of industry with development of new guidance under the BPR and appearing regularly at conferences presenting on aspects of the BPR.


Sara gained her PhD in bio-inorganic chemistry from Nottingham Trent University.

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