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EU Only Representative Service

Manufacturers, formulators and producers of articles, who are based outside the European Economic Area, can appoint a European-based Only Representative (OR) to take over the REACH compliance responsibilities of EU importers for named substances. These importers are then regarded as downstream users.

Only Representative functions met by Arrow Regulatory (Ireland​) Ltd.:

  • Compliance with REACH Article 8

  • Permanent physical presence of experienced personnel in the EU

  • Clear understanding of REACH and associated regulatory and administration procedures

  • Substantial experience of complex supply chains

  • Competence in handling volumes of confidential information


The team at Arrow Regulatory have substantial experience in the role of Only Representative. Please contact us for further discussion.

Our services:

  • Provision of contract specifying the mutual agreement between a non-EU company and the Only Representative

  • Template letters used to recognise and define the relationships between the non-EU supplier, Only Representative and EU importer

  • Ongoing communication with the non-EU supplier to ensure records show available and up-to-date information of customers covered by the OR agreement and quantities imported per calendar year

  • Assistance with compilation of REACH-compliant Safety Data Sheets if required by the non-EU company or the downstream users covered by the OR agreement

  • Maintenance of all relevant information for a period of at least 10 years after last import

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