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Alexander Raith

Alexander Raith, PhD

Senior Regulatory Consultant

Following completion of his his PhD in metal-organic chemistry from Technical University Munich, Alex started his career in regulatory at a major European pool water treatment company, eventually taking the lead of the regulatory department end of 2018. 
Alex possesses 9 years of broad knowledge in relevant European chemicals legislation, with a major focus on the Biocide Products Regulation. His experience includes the preparation and submission of several biocide product dossiers, as well as providing support for several active substances in the Review Programme during their evaluation. In this role he worked with various task forces, for some of which he was taking a key leadership role.
Furthermore, he has been actively involved with national biocide product registrations under the “transitional” rules of the BPR, as well as other aspects of chemical regulations, such as CLP and national / ECHA poison center notifications, or Dangerous Goods regulations.
He combines strategic thinking when it comes to build biocide product families with in-depth knowledge in selected individual aspects of the BPR and other regulations.
Alex joined Arrow Regulatory in April 2021.

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